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CONFLICT OF INTEREST TRAINING - The Conflict of Interest training may be included as part of several state agency Knowledge Centers.  Please click here to determine if your agency has a Knowledge Center.  If your agency is listed, click on the link for your agency to contact that administrator using the Email Administrator link on that page to obtain your logon credentials and to determine if the Conflict of Interest training is within their Knowledge Center.  If your agency does not have the course in their site, please see EXTERNAL ENTITIES and contact information below. 

If you are taking the training for the second time, please be sure to choose the "Open New Attempt" button so the correct date can display on your certificate.

If this is your first time accessing the OAG Knowledge Center for External Entities, please complete registration by clicking the Register link above. When completed, the system will email registration information with logon and password. If you do not receive confirmation within 2-5 days contact us via the email link below.

OAG EMPLOYEES - Go to: A logon and password has been created for you. You do not need to register. 

For further assistance, please contact the administrator at: