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NOVA Academy - Web Browser Compatibility

Attention: Your browser must be in Compatibility View when accessing NOVA Academy.  Compatibility View is only available in Internet Explorer, which is the recommended browser.  You can watch this 1 minute video to show you how to switch to Compatibility View: Not all training modules work with Chrome or Firefox browsers.  Accessing some modules without this combination or in a different browser may result in problems viewing pages/content or not being able to submit a quiz.

If switching to IE compatibility view doesn't resolve the problem, please contact IT to install the latest Adobe Flash and Java updates.

NOVA Academy - Mandatory Training FAQs
To find the NOVA Academy Mandatory Training FAQs document, please type "nova faq" in the main Search box in the top-right corner.  You can then select the FAQs document that populates in the search results.

NOVA Academy User Guides (How to locate)
The Basic User and Supervisor User Guides can be found in NOVA Academy by typing "nova guide" in the main Search box in the top-right hand corner of this webpage, then hit the Enter key.  You will see both guides populate in the search results.  Click the one you want and on the next screen click the Access button to open it.  You can download the PDF file to your computer for later viewing if you would like.