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Content missing/disappearing?  Submit button not working?  Some of the modules in NOVA Academy are not compatible with new browsers.  Use Internet Explorer 8/9 if having ANY functionality problems, or:
• Click on the Compatibility View button that appears on the Address bar for IE 10/11.  IE11 users may need to click the settings wheel referred to in the Compatibility View button link above, click Add, and enter this website address manually. Or watch this staff made help video:
• Install the latest Adobe Flash updates.
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NOVA Academy - Mandatory Training Matrix

The current seven mandatory training modules in NOVA Academy can be found simply by accessing the NOVA bundle, either Classified or Faculty.  The bundles contain the most up-to-date functioning modules.  Some of the equivalencies do not function as well, therefore, we recommend that you adhere to the bundle to link into any new attempts to complete the seven mandatory trainings.  The mandatory training matrix can be found in NOVA Academy by typing "nova matrix" in the main Search box in the top-right corner of the homepage and then hit the Enter key.  The document link will populate in the search results.  Click that link and then the Access button to view the mandatory training matrix.

NOVA Academy - Mandatory Training FAQs
To find the NOVA Academy Mandatory Training FAQs document, please type "nova faq" in the main Search box in the top-right corner.  You can then select the FAQs document that populates in the search results.

NOVA Mandatory Training Information (3/31/14 deadline)

All full-time faculty and staff (and part-time P3s) should complete the NOVA mandatory training by 3/31/2014.  The mandatory training includes seven online training modules found in NOVA Academy.  These seven modules can be found linked most easily in the NOVA Faculty or Classified Mandatory training bundles.  Both bundles contain the same seven training modules. 

To locate a bundle, simply type "nova bundle" in the main Search box located in the top-right corner of this webpage and hit the Enter key.  You can now click on the appropriate bundle to view your seven training modules.  Further clicking on one of the seven modules will allow you to link into that module to begin.  Follow the links into the module until it loads the online training.  You can see specific instructions in the Basic User Guide (found by typing "nova guide" in the search box).

If you have previously completed a very similarly named training module in NOVA Academy as one of the seven modules found in the training bundle, then that former completion will serve as an equivalent completion.  The bundle is meant to provide quick and easy reference to the seven mandatory trainings, however, equivalencies completed, will be credited.  Some of the equivalencies are older versions of trainings that may no longer function properly, therefore, we recommend any new module completions be attempted by linking through from the bundle.  The bundle contains the most up-to-date modules.

Pay attention to the completion dates of formerly completed training modules by viewing your transcript (scroll over My Workspace and click My Transcript).  Two of the seven modules, Clery and Alcohol & Other Drugs trainings, should be completed since 3/31/2013, and every year thereafter.  The other five modules should be completed every three years going forward.

Supervisor's Note: The Supervisor bundle can be completed at a later time; it is not part of the mandatory training announcement.  All employees should first complete the seven mandatory training modules.

Thank you for your efforts to complete the mandatory training on-time!

NOVA Academy User Guides (How to locate)
The Basic User and Supervisor User Guides can be found in NOVA Academy by typing "nova guide" in the main Search box in the top-right hand corner of this webpage, then hit the Enter key.  You will see both guides populate in the search results.  Click the one you want and on the next screen click the Access button to open it.  You can download the PDF file to your computer for later viewing if you would like.