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Commonwealth of Virginia Knowledge Center

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Commonwealth of Virginia Knowledge Center (COVKC) - Core

To access the COVKC, your computer Internet Explorer (IE) browser needs to be IE 8 or IE 9 versions.  If you have IE 10 or 11, please select Tools > Compatibility Settings > select IE 9.  Browsers Chrome and Firefox also work with the COVKC.

Member Agencies/Users
New state employees KC accounts are automatically created within 2-10 days of being hired. Your COV email account must be assigned before you can access the KC.
Password Reset
If you've forgotten or need your password reset, please select "forgot password" on the login page.  A new temporary password will be emailed to you.
Login ID Reset
If you've forgotten your login id, please select "forgot login id" on the login page. Once you enter your email address, your login id will be emailed to you.
Non-Member Agencies
In order to access the KC and take all training available, a state agency must join as a member.  If your state agency is not a member, users can access the KC through this site to take mandatory training only.

For KC membership information, please contact your agencies' HR or training dept. or have them select the Email Administrator link above.